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Adapting your brand to the energy transition: brand challenges in a post-Covid energy transition landscape.

Compounded by the Covid-19 crisis, the current energy landscape has left many energy sector brands needing a bit of TLC, while for others, particularly traditional oil and gas producers, it’s more a case of intensive care.

Our pink paper looks at the brand challenges facing energy companies in the context of the post-Covid energy landscape and poses some key questions for energy brands to consider.

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Key energy brand communication questions

Based on our analysis of the brand challenges facing energy companies in the post-Covid environment, we have identified a number of key questions they need to consider to adapt to this fast-evolving landscape

What is your place in this new world?

Have you defined your future vision and values? How will you remain relevant in the changing energy landscape? What’s the story you need to tell and is it compelling? How can you influence the climate change conversation? How will you win hearts and minds?

Is your brand still fit for purpose?

Does your brand reflect your strategic vision and future objectives? Will it allow you to engage effectively with all constituent audiences – consumers, existing and prospective employees, partner organisations, government, NGOs and the media?

How will you adapt to changing markets?

Who are you key audiences? How are they changing? How do they segment? Do you have a clear understanding of their changing needs and motivations? Do you need to change your comms approach and channels to engage them? How will you tell your brand story?

How will you keep your people onboard?

How do you take the pulse of your people? How are you communicating your vision internally and cascading your strategy through the business? How can you energise your people around a shared vision, improve employee engagement and keep up momentum?

How will you attract new talent?

What is your value proposition to employees? Do you understand what prospective employees are looking for? How will you attract, engage and retain them in a competitive market? What are the values and behaviours that will sustain your business over the long term?

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