Unlocking the power of finance

Client Finastra Services Animation, Copywriting

The world of finance is being disrupted for all the right reasons, and Finastra is one of the fintechs leading the way. A powerful voice and consistent messaging are critical to its success.

Finastra, one of the world’s largest fintechs, specialises in building and delivering next-generation technology through its open software architecture and cloud ecosystem. Working with over 9,000 customers, including 90 top global banks, Finastra is unlocking the power of finance for everyone. 

Finastra’s open platform approach is disrupting the financial services industry by changing how financial software is developed and used. Being ‘open’ is at the heart of everything it does. Finastra believes in the power of collaborative innovation and enabling people, businesses and communities to reach their full potential.

Core to this mission is education and engagement. To help its customers, partners and co-innovators to pioneer a world of open finance, Finastra focuses a lot of time and resources on creating and sharing informative and insightful thought leadership.

Supporting the future of finance
Working with Finastra’s digital banking and lending solutions teams in both the UK and US, we help to develop content that meets the needs of its diverse audiences and supports its global marketing strategy. 

This includes creating web content and insight articles on, among other things, digital transformation, leveraging the power of data and analytics, educating and engaging account holders, and the LIBOR transition. Leveraging a range of podcasts, third-party research and interviews we draw out the key messages and deliver insightful commentary written in the fintech’s bold and disruptive style.   

Finastra also recognises the importance of creating compelling content in a variety of mediums to engage with different audiences. For example, to help explain the complex topic of syndicated lending, we were tasked with designing and producing a user-friendly and informative animation. This involved working closely with the marketing team to hone key marketing messages and develop a compelling storyboard, as well as getting the best out of Finastra’s existing brand guidelines.

“You have super impressed us with the animation. The team loved it, especially how it hit all the right buttons first time around. The storyboard is great and we’re super excited to see it come to life.”

Gabriella Trow, ex-Global Solution Marketing Lead for Finastra Lending

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