Building a stronger health & safety culture

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As a world leader in the minerals sector, Imerys has come a long way on its journey to world class health and safety, but is committed to doing more – and needs communications to match its ambition.

All companies have a fundamental duty to uphold the highest standards of health and safety and ensure their people aren’t at risk of injury at work.

As one of the world’s leading minerals companies, Imerys’ first priority is to ensure its employees’ health and safety.

This means ensuring that its people always learn from mistakes and keep improving its health & safety record with the aim of becoming incident free.

Almost 20 years after launching its Safety System, the Group had multiple health and safety programmes and protocols and felt it needed to make a stronger connection between these initiatives.

To do this, Imerys needed to create consistent and unifying saftey communications across 40 countries, multiple languages and hugely varied environments.


Thinking big
Thirdperson were commissioned to build an effective health & safety communications strategy for Imerys to better engage its diverse internal audiences. But our work went well beyond this.

Through extensive internal consultation, we’ve worked with stakeholders across the Group to help create communications aimed at building a stronger health and safety culture for the whole business. The resulting Safer Together umbrella brand platform and messaging is helping to evolve how Imerys thinks and communicates about health and safety, helping everyone within the business to work together to operate more safely and effectively.

Safer Together is centred around four simple and easy to understand ‘pillars’ which are deeply rooted in the way it functions as an organization – actively encouraging Imerys people to be positive about health and safety, to take responsibility for their choices, to look out for each other, and to always place health and safety above all else.

The Safer Together concept provides the platform for high-impact campaigns to increase engagement across the Group, while giving local management the tools they need, in the right language, at individual site level, under a unified Imerys health & safety brand.

Safer Together is helping everyone to play their role in building a stronger health and safety culture at Imerys, allowing its people to do their jobs well and live their lives to the full.

“Following multiple interviews and workshops across our different functions and countries, Thirdperson helped us to clarify our overall approach to health and safety. The response has been fantastic, with leaders and employees all over the world contributing videos, photos and stories demonstrating their commitment to a safer Imerys.”

Vanessa Gedeon, Communication Manager, Imerys

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