Meeting society’s needs, sustainably

Client: Imerys Services: Copywriting, Engagement, Narrative

As a world leader in the specialty minerals sector, Imerys provides mineral and advanced materials solutions that are essential in all our daily lives.

The business has a duty to extract and transform minerals in a responsible and sustainable way to meet society’s needs for these precious resources long into the future.

Sustainability touches every aspect of Imerys’ business. As a huge and ever more pressing topic, it can be difficult for Imerys to know where to start telling this story. Communicating clearly and consistently about its approach to sustainability can seem like an overwhelming challenge.

We were commissioned to develop Imerys’ sustainability narrative to help everyone in the business understand its sustainable ambitions and, just as importantly, to be able to tell that story to a diverse range of external audiences.

For Imerys, unlocking the sustainable potential of minerals and materials means empowering its people, caring for the planet and building for the future to secure the long-term viability of the business.

Through an extensive series of workshops and interviews across Imerys’ global business we developed a narrative suited to a wide variety of situations, including a high-level sustainability proposition and elevator pitch – an overarching articulation designed to engage a range of different audiences.

This is supported by a more detailed sustainability narrative articulation; universal talking points in the form of short, snappy messages focusing on key sustainability messages; and universal pillar narratives – more detailed narrative articulations of each of the three key pillars designed for specific audiences, such as investors, local communities and the wider public.

Everything we do at Thirdperson is driven by audience, so although the core elements of the narrative are universal and relevant to all audiences, the way we help the business communicate about sustainability depends to a large extent on the audience it is addressing, whether within the business or externally.

We supported the narrative with a user guide for Imerys people across the business, providing audience specific narratives and content that can be used to talk about sustainability in different situations and using a variety of communication channels.

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