Fuelling a changing world

Client: BP Services: Animation, Campaign, Copywriting, Design, Engagement, Strategy

In an industry where preventing harm to people and the environment is the number one priority, internal engagement is the cornerstone to BP’s future success.

As a global company with over 70,000 people in more than 70 countries, BP relies on strong internal communications to share its values and policies effectively and to get the best from its investment in talent.

Change is in the air
The many challenges facing the energy sector in a changing global environment make it more important than ever for internal communications to keep employees aligned to business strategy and engaged in the company’s vision of the future.

Diverse needs
We’ve worked with BP over a number of years to create a variety of communication tools to engage a worldwide employee audience in everything from business strategy to safety standards, and from induction of senior new hires to celebrations of the company’s vision and values.

Better together
By investing time in gaining a complete understanding of BP’s goals and working culture, project by project, our team has consistently delivered on (and sometimes beyond) brief, with measurable impact on tens of thousands of BP employees.


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