Every cup counts – an everyday circular story

Client Huhtamaki and Stora Enso Services Brand, Campaign, Copywriting, Design, Engagement, Narrative, Strategy

Imagine being asked by two leading Finnish brands, Huhtamaki and Stora Enso, to name, brand and launch an exciting sustainability scheme which will recycle and regenerate paper cups on an industrial scale across Europe. A dream brief which sounds like it could have been set by any uni for its degree show design students.

Disposable paper cups are, of course, part of daily life and a convenient way to enjoy drinks on-the-go. The Cup Collective aims to recycle paper cups, creating a collection infrastructure to maximise their value by regenerating them into recycled raw materials, while making it as easy as possible for consumers and businesses to contribute.

Through internal consultation and leadership team workshops, Thirdperson created a name and bold brand which communicates a strong business case to collection partners and waste management operators, as well as engaging the wider supply chain, from large restaurants and café chains, retailers and independent coffee shops to transport hubs and policymakers.

With a target of recycling 5,000 tons of cups annually across the EU, a brand flavour was needed to tell this circular economy story and engage multiple audiences. We created a dynamic identity and visual language based around a strong visual call to action inviting the world to engage and act.

With the programme initially launched in the Brussels and Amsterdam metropolitan areas, the Cup Collective will expand across Europe throughout 2023 and beyond.

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