The Energy Institute


Powering energy professionals: Membership bodies need a strong brand voice that works equally well on its own and in partnership with members’ brands. The Energy Institute uses its comprehensive brand toolkit to do this and to attract the next generation of energy professionals.

As the leading membership body for the global energy industry, the Energy Institute (EI) needs to continue to attract the next generation of energy professionals as part of its mission to foster a safe, secure and sustainable energy eco-system.
Collaborative approach
We’ve worked closely with the EI to help reinvigorate its brand identity, messaging and content in line with the organisation’s communication goals. Based on extensive feedback from a range of members and other stakeholders to ensure communications are on-message, practical and valuable, this has included conducting our tried and tested brand and audience workshops to make it easy for the EI to develop its own bold brand voice.
The right tools
Through our work with the EI, we’ve been able to deliver value and clarity to marketing and member communications through a comprehensive brand toolkit. This provides user-friendly guidelines for developing engaging content while maintaining that essential, yet often elusive, brand consistency.




Thirdperson engaged members of staff at all levels and they truly deserved the round of applause they received at the final workshop. We were impressed with their ability to identify the details that make the difference to our brand, and, most importantly, they’re a pleasure to work with.

Jocelyne Bia, Marketing and Communications Director at the Energy Institute