Eye-catching content for a straight-talking firm: Standing out in the crowded accountancy market and making technical copy readable and shareable isn’t easy. But Shipleys, with its ‘no nonsense’ tone and bold of use of infographics and imagery, shows how it can be done.

Shipleys is a firm of accountants and business advisers with a glittering client list, many from the world of film and media. The firm is a trusted name in the industry but faces the same challenges as many of its peers – how do you get your clients and contacts to sit up and notice your content and how do you stay ahead of the game in a crowded field?

The journey so far

We’ve been writing, editing and designing Shipshape, the firm’s quarterly client magazine for close to a decade, evolving the title to keep it fresh and contemporary, using a vibrant design with strong infographics and bold imagery. The editorial approach allows for an informal, straight-talking tone.

The result is a magazine that presents sometimes technical information as accessible, visually appealing and shareable content. It gives the firm’s partners a useful client touchpoint and marketing tool that receives consistently positive feedback. 

Champions of recycling
Reusing and sharing this high-quality content is at the heart of Shipleys’ content strategy and we work with the firm to help make this a reality. This has included working on the navigation and design of the firm’s website to make it easier to surface relevant content.

It’s a strong working partnership that’s helped Shipleys to develop the vibrant, modern and energetic brand expressed within Shipshape across its digital communications channels and to better reflect the firm’s position as a proactive, trusted adviser.

Take a look at what Shipleys is up to here.

‘It’s always a challenge to strike the right balance between sticking with what you’ve got and staying at the front of the pack. Thirdperson has consistently come up with innovative ways to keep our content fresh and has worked tirelessly to help us get the maximum value from it. We have always been absolutely delighted with the result and the feedback from our clients and contacts’

Simon Robinson, Managing Principal


 Shipshape – Shipleys' quarterly publication to engage existing and prospective audiences


Infographics for Shipshape