Russell Reynolds Associates


Leading the talent debate: With thought leadership central to its strategy, and its C-suite clients expecting original, insightful commentary, Russell Reynolds Associates recognises the importance of high-quality written and visual content.

Global executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates is a prominent exponent of thought leadership as a key driver of its business.

The firm carries out in-depth research into changing C-suite talent requirements across its key market sectors as a means to create conversations with retained and prospective clients. This covers everything from the evolving role of the CFO and the impact of digital in the boardroom, to the essential qualities of sustainable leadership.

Compelling narrative from industry insight
We’ve worked extensively with some of the firm’s most senior consultants and its in-house knowledge teams to create compelling narratives from research findings and interviews with industry experts across a range of sectors including financial services, healthcare and education.

This gives the firm’s fee earners high-quality written and visual content with which to engage their target audience in an intelligent, user-friendly way through a range of marketing channels.

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