Building a City reputation, keeping it close to home: Mundays is a Surrey-based law firm with a strong local reputation built on years of personal, family and business advice.

Never a firm to stand still, it’s now building its profile in the City of London.

Creating a brand that fits
We’ve worked with the Mundays partners and staff to create a new brand profile which allows the firm to realise its growth ambitions. It’s been an iterative creative process which ultimately created a bright, bold and modern brand voice. 

Inspired by Mundays’ no-nonsense reputation we created a simple, visually striking (and versatile) logo underpinned by the strapline ‘Making the law work for you’. These brand assets combine to form a confident brand flavour for Mundays, adding real substance to its core message of being the straight talking law firm.

The test of time
Following the rebrand programme we’ve worked with the Mundays team to build on its brand voice through various applications, principally its annual review, In Focus. 

This has become an anticipated snapshot of the firm’s involvement in the community, as well as its growth in the City and its reputation as an expert voice in LGBT and same sex family law. By interviewing Heads of Department to kick start content for each year’s narrative, we get a clear view of the detail that will engage key audiences, helping to fuel an organic business development attitude within the firm from partner down.