Grant Thornton


Driving a vibrant economy: As a leading advisory firm with a mission to help shape a vibrant UK economy, Grant Thornton needs to keep up a healthy flow of fresh content to keep its clients and contacts, both UK-based and potential overseas investors, engaged and up to speed.

Whether it’s tracking the performance of fast-growing Chinese companies in the UK, the latest developments in the Indian M&A market or the future of cross-border insolvency, Grant Thornton UK uses its research capabilities and those of partner organisations to deliver insight and market knowledge.
Adding value
We help Grant Thornton to create compelling stories from its research and market insights, with a particular emphasis on the issues surrounding inward investment into the UK, working closely with experts from the firm’s China Britain and South Asia groups.
The combined skills of our design and editorial teams help to produce insightful reports, with clarity of narrative and eye-catching visuals to engage some of the firm’s key target audiences.
Our involvement spans interviewing Grant Thornton’s partners to eke out their subject matter knowledge, ghost writing, interviewing the firm’s clients to write case studies and designing reports to bring research findings to life.
End game
The firm’s thought leadership output provides some fascinating snapshots of the UK and world economies to raise awareness, inform business decisions and give the firm’s partners tools to start meaningful conversations.
It’s an exemplary approach, using the power of research to demonstrate the firm’s expertise in specific markets and cement its reputation as a trusted adviser – and one that we’re proud to be a part of.