Changing Point


Aligning minds to transform business performance: Changing people’s attitudes and behaviours is a complex challenge. 

Many businesses neglect the impact of change on people and how much people can impact change. This is where Changing Point comes in. 

Changing Point delivers tailored organisational development and change programmes to create maximum personal and business impact. The business helps itsclients to continually evolve by connecting their people to organisational strategy and processes.

Mapping the brand
We’ve worked with Changing Point to establish a clear and distinctive brand proposition and carried this through all its communications.

We started from the ground-up with Changing Point, using our BrandMap approach to match its business growth strategy with the brand and communication tools needed to support it. This included productising some services and clearly articulating the benefits and key differences in Changing Point’s approach.

Competing with confidence
Through fresh marketing materials across print and and digital, Changing Point can now engage audiences across the UK and outsmart its larger competition by focusing on its key differentiators.

We’ve helped the Changing Point management team to clearly communicate the benefits of its programmes and created engaging tools to help explain its approach to new and existing clients alike.