Our workshops


Thirdperson’s tried and tested brand engagement and content solutions include workshops designed to help you discover what’s needed to tell your brand story.


The Brand Selfie
Gathers individual perspectives from within your organisation about the current health of your brand to agree a roadmap for the way forward.

Fearless Futures
Takes you from your ‘safe place’ and allows you to look beyond the here and now and imagine a range of possible futures. 

Brand Fit
Challenges you to examine how your brand articulates itself in a variety of situations. The results often lead to practical conclusions. 

Motive Eight
Empowers you to examine your audiences’ motivations objectively at an individual level.

Your Place In The World
Helps you articulate what lies at the heart of your brand purpose.

The Content Engine 
Helps you find the right insights and channels to devise a winning content strategy to power your brand.

Content Fit
Gives your team the tools to create its own engaging content regularly and consistently.

Go Engage
A proven process to help you engage your audience through a single communication channel or a co-ordinated campaign.