Content strategy


It may sound obvious, but there’s no point shouting about things that people aren’t interested in – or publishing great content in places where no-one’s reading it.

The content goalposts haven’t just been shifted, they’ve been ripped out of the ground and recycled for a completely new sport. 

These were some of the issues facing the business development director of one of our clients in the recruitment sector.

Working together, we’ve become more convinced than ever that creating engaging content doesn’t happen by chance. It requires a robust process to generate content ideas and ask challenging questions, like is it relevant, is it useful and is it interesting? 

Then it’s a question of applying the right tone of voice. A bit of editorial rigour can really help the organisation speak its clients’ language and ‘press its buttons’.

The final piece of the jigsaw is making sure you’re selecting the right channels – this can help you to extract maximum value from the content you’ve generated and maintain an anticipated cycle of communication.  Job done.


The issue
‘We put loads of effort into creating content but people don’t seem to read our stuff.’

The common mistake
Following the herd because your fee earners are comfortable doing it that way. 

The solution
Think like your customers to work out which stories they want to hear and tell them in a way that keeps them interested.