Audience engagement


There’s a lot of truth in the theory that if you tell someone you’re the world’s greatest rocket scientist or biscuit designer they might be sceptical, but if someone else tells them you’re the best in the business they’ll be more inclined to believe it.

So it was for the team at an NGO client, who were trying to tell their story but finding it difficult to gain credibility.

Developing a narrative that we could weave through a series of third party case studies using multiple voices from a range of different circumstances enabled the organisation to tell its success stories through the eyes of its various audiences. This brought gravitas, honesty and action to what it was trying to achieve.

The point is that external endorsements and recommendations outweigh self-professed claims to fame ten-fold. Just look at the positive influence (and sometimes considerable damage) reviews on Tripadvisor can have!


The issue
‘We’re concerned that our core audience isn’t listening to us, or worse, not trusting us or taking us seriously.’

The common mistake
Throwing time and budget at retelling your story in the same old way.

The solution
Look beyond your primary audience to create a network of influencers and advocates for a richer and more diverse brand narrative.