Internal communications

We all need good leaders.

This rare breed can clearly see the journey ahead and the bumps in the road, as well as the end point. Without visionaries, businesses tend to get stuck in the mud. 

The vision of a business should drive the brand, both externally and internally. 

The strategy team at a long-established global energy company asked for our help when they realised its core message had become diluted. It was often being interpreted very differently by their employees operating across multiple languages, cultures and continents. 

It soon became clear that people wanted to be led – to know where they were going and understand how to play their part in delivering the bigger picture. 

This just goes to show that the ‘inside out’ brand can be very powerful. If everyone from the boardroom to the shop floor isn’t bought in, they won’t ‘live it’.  

So it may be worth creating an environment which makes it easier to get a shared understanding of the direction of travel to help create a new brand vision that’s embraced at all levels of your business.


The issue
"We need to energise our people and share a new vision and business purpose with our target audiences."

The common mistake
Destinations, roles, responsibilities and timeframes aren’t communicated to those who can make or break them.  

The solution
Get everything out in the open and build a genuinely shared vision and purpose across your organisation.