Thought leadership


The business world is awash with content and it can be tough to compete.

But our work with the over-stretched marketing head of one business advisory firm shows that a smaller business doesn’t need to be an intellectual powerhouse to stand up to its larger rivals’ content – it just needs a plan to outsmart them.

Applying some strategic thinking to the firm’s flagship client publication might not be rocket science, but we’ve found that it’s essential if you want to stay audience-specific and relevant. And of course we all know that it’s not just what you say, but how you say it that matters.

The firm has also learned that coming up with great content ideas doesn’t happen by chance – it requires a rigorous yet creative process. And if the firm is struggling to think of content ideas from the point of view of its audience, it now goes and asks them about it. Plus it keeps a close eye on what the competition is doing.

Why are we telling you this? Well, what our client has learned is that it pays to be honest with yourself about whether you have the time, expertise or budget to do content well. And sometimes you just might need a little outside help.


The issue
"We need to step our insights up a gear in a world full of thought leaders."

The common mistake
Launching the results of an an all-singing, all-dancing research project that gets stuck in the mud and costs a small fortune.

The solution
Find out where the gaps are in your target audience’s knowledge, make a plan and stick to it.