Content workshops


Here’s a situation that might sound familiar:

“Why doesn’t our content get to the point? We’ve got lots to say but my team doesn’t know how to write a good story. And they’re struggling to get the best out of our in-house experts?” One Head of Content we met was struggling to find a solution.

It soon became clear that his team didn’t have the right tools for the job. Without a consistent approach, the organisation’s content was getting muddled.

So we worked together to create a step-by-step writing workshop that addressed what the business really needed to create engaging content – not just the theory. After all, compelling headlines and stories don’t arrive by chance. Finding the right tone of voice to make your comms pitch-perfect for your target audience takes some thinking about.

It just goes to show that if you want your people to grasp the content techniques that put readers first and keep them interested, a bit of expert coaching can make all the difference.


The issue
"We want to produce really high-quality content but we don’t want to rely on external writers."

The common mistake
Thinking that practising the same old thing makes perfect.

The solution
Give your team the tools to create engaging content through a workshop designed around not just their needs but the needs of your audiences.