Brand refresh


We got a call from an old Thirdperson friend. She had always taken us with her when she moved to a new role and was looking for our help again.

The issue was an old chestnut: “You know what, this logo’s been around for ages and we need to look less old fashioned”.

This led to a very productive conversation. What was old fashioned? The logo, the colour palette, the cheesy library imagery? Could it be how the firm’s stories were being told and where it was telling them? “Old fashioned” could be shorthand for established, solid and respected – attributes that many businesses would die for. 

How to begin to solve a problem like this? We started with a structured workshop with the leadership team to unearth the motivations of the firm’s key audiences, how this fitted its internal culture and what exactly it wanted from a refreshed brand – and the really big question: what success would actually look like.  

After all, a refreshed brand needs to fit and feel comfortable but also help deliver real business value.


The issue
"A refreshed brand is needed. And quickly."

The common mistake
A superficial approach that papers over the cracks, looks okay for a while, but then fails to deliver.

The solution
Go deeper to explore the motivations of your audience – not just their practical needs but their emotional needs too.