Audience segmentation



Regardless of how big and powerful you are, sometimes it can feel that things are changing too fast.

One of the senior marketing directors we work with was finding the challenges overwhelming – “What should I do about social media?’ ‘We need to get more content out there – is our channel mix right?’ ‘No one reads anymore – video’s the future, right?”.

Gulp… Rarely are there simple answers to these big scary questions. The transition from established brand, happy in the familiar surroundings of the analogue world, to a relevant, modern business competing confidently in the digital world, can be a bumpy ride.

So we talked audience, working together to understand who the business needed to engage with and where they were ‘hanging out’ so we could make sure it was making noises in the right places.

The lesson is that taking a collective step back can sometimes help your organisation move forward together towards a common goal. Easier said than done, but often a good place to start.


The issue
’“We used to know our audience, but now we’re not sure and we’re losing market share.”
The common mistake
Keep wasting budget on the same old things using familiar channels.
The solution
Take a step back and reassess each of your audiences and what they’re really all about.