Working with Heat Trust

“We’re having trouble telling our story…”

This is a brand challenge with which many of our clients come to us for help – and one that surfaced again through our recent work with Heat Trust.

Heat Trust is an independent, non-profit consumer champion for heat networks that holds suppliers to account. 

What’s a heat network? Think one big boiler for multiple properties – a system distributing heat from one central source to a number of homes or businesses. These low carbon networks are changing the way we heat our homes and can cut heating bills for customers, but – and it’s a big but – it’s currently an unregulated sector. That’s where Heat Trust come in.

To address Heat Trust’s comms issues, two fundamental questions needed to be tackled. 

Firstly, what’s the single overarching story that lies at the heart of the organisation and means something to each of its audiences – in other words, what’s its place in the world? 

Secondly, how can this story be used to communicate value and interest to its specific audiences? 

In just a single afternoon with Heat Trust’s team and board, using some of our BrandMap workshop tools, we worked together to examine its audiences, drilling deep into what they need and want from Heat Trust.

The result is a messaging matrix which gives Heat Trust a narrative structure that offers multiple entry points for different stakeholders and allows the organisation to tell its story in a way that engages specific audiences with very different interests and expectations of the Heat Trust brand. 

All of this is delivered in the form of a smart pdf which is easy to navigate and delivers the right audience-focused content in seconds.

This work has been invaluable in informing future communication and marketing plans, as well as being an important tool to get internal audiences aligned around a shared point of view.

‘Thirdperson’s BrandMap is an intuitive approach; it helped us focus on and identify our key issues. The final messaging framework is laid out in a clear format we can use every day. It’s a fantastic tool to help us focus our message and communicate with consistency to diverse audiences.’

Bindi Patel, Heat Trust

Our experience has shown time and again that many organisations can suffer from this type of message blur – a lack of clarity about what to say to its key audiences and how to say it. Our BrandMap approach delivers practical results and tools, like the Heat Trust message matrix, that are easy to use and help teams or individuals across a business tell a consistent and engaging story.

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