If it ain’t broke it still might need fixing



We always like to be leading the brand conversations with our client, it’s us who are usually suggesting that a marketing or brand item is in need of being updated or refreshed.

We kinda think that this is our responsibility. So imagine how we felt when our client’s response to the latest issue of their quarterly magazine was a lukewarm ‘It’s OK, I think that it’s looking a bit tired though’. Ouch! Naturally, with our professional integrity dented, we sprang into action.

Shipleys are a top firm of accountants and business advisors with a glittering client list, many from the world of film and media. Shipshape is their quarterly client magazine which has news, views, great advice and content. We’ve designed and edited the publication for a few years.

‘In just about every aspect of business it’s a challenge to strike the right balance between sticking with what you’ve got and staying at the front of the pack. Thirdperson jumped at the opportunity to come up with a fresh format and flavour for Shipshape. They followed the brief (including the budget) brilliantly, and we are absolutely delighted with the result and the feedback from our clients and contacts’

Stuart Dey, Business Development Director at Shipleys LLP

So, what have we learnt here? Well, like a shark, we at Thirdperson HQ are focused on moving forward. If a piece of brand output is working well, and the client is happy, there’s still room to examine if it can work harder and deliver a higher return on investment for our client.