Grant Thornton – Indian companies continue to play a major role in the UK economy


Interpreting and communicating data-rich information through engaging, easily digestible content is a key part of Grant Thornton’s marketing strategy. We’re proud to be a part of that.

The ‘India meets Britain: Tracking the UK’s top Indian companies’ report, produced by Grant Thornton in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry, monitors the fastest-growing Indian companies and the top Indian employers in the UK.

Research from the 2016 report shows that Indian companies invest more in the UK than they do in the rest of the EU combined. But will the UK remain an attractive option for these businesses with the impending EU referendum and a possible Brexit?

Content that tells a story
Working closely with the firm’s marketing team and India experts, we helped bring the Tracker to life by analysing and interpreting complex data and creating engaging copy to make this important research easily digestible for Grant Thornton’s various audiences.

Thought leadership that maximises value and reach
The report was distributed through a range of traditional and digital marketing channels to support Grant Thornton in its efforts to demonstrate its range and depth of experience of working with companies in this key market. It received good media coverage both in the UK and India – successfully helping to raise Grant Thornton’s profile within the business community.

Our team is frequently asked to tackle this type of project, where conveying data-rich business information in a user-friendly way is key.

View the India meets Britain 2016 report here.