Barclays research says the feedback economy could be worth more than £3bn to the UK


It’s always great to see our clients’ thought leadership in the press – meaning it’s doing its job, and in turn we’re doing ours.

A recent survey report from Barclays, The feedback economy, has generated a lot of media attention around the survey findings ­– in particular focusing on how the effective use of online customer feedback by the leisure industry could boost the UK economy by over £3bn.

Thought leadership surveys on hot topics relevant to your target audience can be a powerful way of raising your organisation's profile and demonstrating its credibility. 

For Barclays, creating original thought leadership material is a key part of its content strategy to reach audiences in a range of sectors.

What’s the secret to good thought leadership?
So how do you take research data and turn it into compelling content that captures the attention of prospective clients, as well as the national broadsheets and broadcasters?

From our work with Barclays and other professional and financial services firms we’ve identified six essential ingredients to help ensure success in turning survey findings into engaging thought leadership reports. Find out more here

See the Barclays feedback economy report here.